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Item # CBS 6

Best Selling Guest Chair


<strong>Item # </strong>CBS 6


<strong>Item # </strong>CBS 6


<strong>Item # </strong>CBS 6

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<strong>Item # </strong>CBS 6
Our Price: $129 each
Color/Finish: Black Mesh
Size: Guest
Manufacturer: OTG
Mfg. List Price: $220





Choose this chair for these reasons:


          Solid well made.  This chair has some weight.  

          Great looks at only $121 each with a 5 year warranty

          Solid arm will not wear out or tear

          In stock and ready to go - or have it shipped to you for no additional charge

* Durable, black mesh back with fabric seat

* Scuff resistant arms

* 5 year warranty


One of our BEST SELLERS! 
This chair is made in North America....It does not come from overseas!! 
It comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY! 



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