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Item # JOE DESK 1M

Our basic 30" x 60" ($399) 30" x 66 ($449) 24 x 71" ($399) Credenza Double pedestal desks

JOE DESK - $399  

<strong>Item # </strong>JOE DESK 1M

Front & Back view  

<strong>Item # </strong>JOE DESK 1M

Front view  

<strong>Item # </strong>JOE DESK 1M

New Gray Mill laminate  

<strong>Item # </strong>JOE DESK 1M
Our Price: Only $399 (60")
Color/Finish: Mahogany or Grey Mill laminate
Size: 30 x 60 or 30 x 66 or 24 x 71
Manufacturer: Imported and built by OFO
Mfg. List Price:

*New Grey Mill laminate only available in 30 x 60 size

 Additional laminate finishes are availbe...

There are 8 other finishes available from another vendor for $677



  • Low, low price
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 2mm thick protective edge
  • Many different sizes and pieces to choose from
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Looks great
  • Better quality than the big box office supply stores
  • Delivery available


JOE DESK is our own private label that we import to our Cherry Hill location.  You won’t find a better quality, lower priced desk anywhere...guaranteed.


Built to order in our shop



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