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Item # OTG 5

U-Shape/C-Shape Desk Sets w Hutch

Image #1...$1672...see below for discription  

<strong>Item # </strong>OTG 5

Image #2...$2411...see below for description  

<strong>Item # </strong>OTG 5

Image #3...$2259...see below for description  

<strong>Item # </strong>OTG 5

Image #4...$2347...see below for description  

<strong>Item # </strong>OTG 5
Our Price: $1672 as shown
Color/Finish: see below
Size: Sizes vary
Mfg. List Price:

#1   71" x 102" Mahogany w 1 file cabinet and open front....$1672

#2   71" x 108" Warm Brown w 2 file cabinets, Bow front desk with inside corner radial curve, Glass doors,                      Tackboard...$2411

#3   71" x 102" Coastal Grey w 2 file cabinets & hutch w glass doors and white board...$2259

#4   71" x 107" Dark Cherry w 2 file cabinets, Extra tall hutch (48" vs 36"), Glass door, Tackboard...$2669


There are many more possibilities too numerous to show. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IDEAS and call/email for pricing.


These desks are the perfect solution for any office, with modern design details, quality hardware, and superior laminate finishes.  The all new "Superior Laminate" desking system is manufactured exclusively in a certified factory and has been tested to ensure compliance with all applicable industry standards. Its value is exceptional, as is its comfort and individual styling. 


  • Strong & durable 3 mm PVC matching edge

  • Black grommets included

  • 5 year warranty

Available in 8 finishes

Some of the more popular sizes and choices

Thee are many, many more options available. 

Choose your desk size & style

30 x 60 $239
30 x 66 $259
36 x 71 $329
41 x 71 Bow shape $415
36 x 71 Island style $500


Choose your bridge size
24 x 36 $150
24 x 42 $159
24 x 48 $179


Choose your credenza size (back piece)
24 x 66 $249
24 x 71 $259


Choose your file configuration
3/4 height $219
Full height file/file  $315
Full height box/box/file  



Choose an optional hutch (comes w laminate doors, can upgrade to glass doors)
66" $435
71" $445
66" Fabric tackboard $144
71" Fabric tackboard $159

Most of these items can be drop shipped anywhere in the USA for only $75 per order (some pieces and finishes excluded. Drop ship is to the end of the truck.  Inside delivery and set up will be quoted seperately. Call for more details)

 For additional features and shipping info click link below:






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